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NPI Governance Consulting is happy to announce the release of the Mining and Property portion of our B-BBEE Research & Thought Leadership series. The aim of the publication series is to inspire conversations surrounding Transformation & Enterprise and Supplier Development in South Africa. The goal is to stimulate conversations with customers, prospects and members of the South African business landscape overall.

As one of the top 10 industries in South Africa, mining has contributed immensely to the growth of the South African economy for many years. Despite a 13% decrease in GDP contribution between 1980 and 2016, the sector continues to play a significant role in South Africa’s overall economic activity.  NPI CEO, Israel Noko notes that “…a key lesson learned is that a specific focus should be placed on SME growth.” The Enterprise and Supplier Development in the South African Mining Sector publication, highlights the importance of supporting local economies inclusive of SMEs in the industry; in alignment with The Mining Charter and the National Development Plan’s leading policy framework, aimed at the accelerating economic development in the country.

In 2016, the South African Property sector was valued at R 5.8 trillion, the highest proportion retained by formal residential property, ahead of commercial property. With numerous challenges surrounding the sector, including heated conversations on Land Expropriation without Compensation, the Transformation and Enterprise Development in the South African Property Sector publication, focuses on issues such as property ownership and the meaning of transformation in the property sector, specifically on the issue of Economic Development.

With 45 years’ worth of experience in B-BEE Advisory & Project Management, the NPI Team has made it a point to share some of their insights on the latest B-BBEE trends; having worked with over 150 companies in the last 6 years.

NPI Governance Consulting’s publications can be accessed and downloaded here.


NPI Governance Consulting is a niche B-BBEE Advisory and Project Management practice. The company is a trusted B-BBEE advisor to local and multinational companies, and international investors. NPI Governance Consulting an advocate for sustainable economic growth and strategic transformation intelligence.

NPI’s interventions align measurable outcomes, competitive advantages and socio-economic objectives in a manner that is both value-adding to the client’s business and integrated into its overall strategic plan. New business opportunities are sometimes hidden in data sources that extend beyond the client’s data warehouse – NPI Governance Consulting mines these opportunities by exploring both structured and unstructured data within and beyond the enterprise.

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