B-BBEE Strategy & Transformation

Our B-BBEE strategic interventions align measurable outcomes, competitive advantages and socio-economic objectives in a manner that is both value-adding to the client’s business and integrated into its overall strategic plan.

New business opportunities are sometimes hidden in data sources that extend beyond the client’s data warehouse. NPI Governance Consulting mines these opportunities by exploring both structured and unstructured data within and beyond the enterprise. Our preferred approach is to facilitate a forward-thinking view (3 to 5 years) of the Organization’s transformation expectations; as reflected in their B-BBEE scorecard and work back to current state culminating in an annual action plan.

Our full B-BBEE Strategy & Transformation offering in a nutshell:

- 1-hour BEE Consultation
- BEE Training Workshop
- BEE Scorecard Assessment
- BEE Strategy & Gap Analysis
- BEE Forecasting
- BEE Policy Development
- BEE Verification File Preparation and Review
- BEE Verification Management

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Corporate Services

Best practices form a huge part of good corporate governance. There are multiple rules and regulations that HR Managers are required to abide by as per the Codes of Good Practice and sometimes it can get a bit too much.

Our corporate services department provides compliance support and advisory services to HR Managers so that they can deal with the business at hand. We handle everything from:

- Skills Development
- Learnerships
- Employment Equity
- Annual Report Submissions

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Ownership Solutions

Ownership forms an integral part of the B-BBEE scorecard. When the sub-minimum requirement is not met, it can result in a discount of at least one B-BBEE point and possible non-compliance status.

Our bespoke ownership solutions offering encompasses project design, implementation, management, activation and fulfilment leading up to verification.

Our ownership solutions in a nutshell:

- BEE Sale of Assets
- BEE Equity Transactions
- Equity Equivalent programme management and administration
- Employee share scheme ownership programme (ESOP)
- Fund administration and management
- Broad-based ownership participation schemes (BBOPS) administration and management

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BEE Trust administration & Compliance

Our BEE trust services relieve trustees of the administrative burden associated with either BEE trust’s affairs. Our friendly, approachable team has extensive experience in trust administration, tax and accounting, ensuring that the Trust’s affairs are handled efficiently and effectively. Knowing that our experienced professionals are on your side provides additional peace-of-mind.

Code 100 of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice sets out certain minimum qualifying criteria for each type of trust. In order to obtain all of the points on the ownership scorecard for ownership through a broad-based ownership scheme, it must also be shown that the scheme has an operational track record or demonstrable evidence of full operational capacity to operate as a broad-based ownership scheme.

Our BEE Trust Administration & Compliance offering in a nutshell:

- Governance & Secretarial Duties
- Distribution & Accounting Duties
- Beneficiary Engagement
- External Relations

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