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Pioneering Equitable Growth

By July 26, 2016September 26th, 2019No Comments

As questions are asked about how transformed South Africa has really become more than a decade since the introduction of BEE legislation, the public and business sector are realising that the transformation agenda can no longer be an exercise to merely tick boxes.

“The new BEE codes coming into effect should be a signal to companies that they cannot carry on with a business as usual attitude – a long term view is required to succeed in this new paradigm”. This is according to NPI Governance Consulting’s CEO, Israel Noko.

With issues such as fronting being too frequently cited, Noko urges corporate leaders to view BBB-EE as an opportunity strengthen their organisation through more diversity and adopt it as a pragmatic development strategy to realise the full potential of a company and the society it operates. He explains that, “If done correctly, taking up BBB-EE is a central facet of ensuring the successful transformation, and advancement of businesses by extension communities.”
All the transactions NPI Governance Consulting is engaged in are designed with extracting value, having a clear Return on Investment, alignment with operational imperatives, profitability and efficiency in mind.

The NPI Governance Consulting view on BBB-EE is underpinned by the principle of Equitable growth for all. “We aim to see winners regardless of age, gender, or race. As small businesses grow and become the giants of tomorrow, it’s important to ensure that compliance, BEE and governance are in their DNA.” Emphasises Noko.

As a partner, NPI works with clients to identify challenges, take advantage of opportunities and avoid unnecessary penalties. “We look across an entire organization, keeping a keen eye on market dynamics. We know that unless compliance and legislation is understood, it becomes a hindrance. This lack of understanding opens companies up to operate sub-optimally and potentially miss out on numerous benefits,”

Noko explains that a lack of proper grasp of the codes is what has held back the successful implementation of BBB-BEE, because a lot of managers think transformation will cause instability. “Approached in a transparent, credible manner, proper implementation actually creates confidence in the operations of a company and unearths opportunities to deepen trust among business owners, leaders and employees.”

With the forces of globalisation accelerating, transformation is not just a South African issue, and NPI Governance Consulting is poised to use its wealth of experience beyond domestic borders. Many multinationals and companies operating in Africa face issues of empowerment, transforming workforces and ownership more equitably. With NPI lending its expertise to significant deals such Coca-Cola Southern Africa’s merger of six entities within the Coca-Cola system and Siemen’s bid submission of the provision of 599 electrical locomotives to Transnet, the company boasts deep expertise which would benefit any multinational.
The principles of BEE can be applied to issues beyond governance. For example they apply to productivity, where there is a strong onus to see Skills Transfer from expatriates or an educated class, also applies. With emerging economies projected to dominate global growth, having a partner such as NPI is key to thriving in demanding and unpredictable environments.

Equitable growth for all is the dominant perspective NPI Governance Consulting drives and as companies grow, strive to transform and diversify their base, we offer deep understanding coupled with dedicated and qualified people to drive a winning agenda.