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Breaking News!! Empowering Supplier status now a GUARANTEE says Dti

By October 31, 2016September 26th, 2019No Comments

empowering-supplierThe Empowering Supplier status of an entity has long been a thorn in the proverbial side of any business embarking on a BEE Verification process. The news of an unsanctioned BEE certificate comes at a time when any effort towards transformation is viewed with a long-term and sustainable view, especially under the Amended Codes.

This is undoubtedly a sympathetic notice from the Dti as previously, any BEE certificate not bearing the Empowering Supplier status was rendered null and void. Undermining all other efforts embarked upon towards a favourable scorecard.

Businesses sought to obtain quick fixes and unheeding methods of acquiring their Empowering Supplier status (or refrained completely from acquiring a BEE certificate) ,as a knee-jerk reaction in an effort to absolve their BEE spend. We have to agree in earnest that the indicated notice, emboldens B-BBEE as a sustainable transformation solution and further purports the need to transform beyond compliance.

See notice below.