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Supply Chain Analysis

Numerous organisations are unaware of how funds are allocated across their supply chain i.e. internal and departmental proportional spend, vendors contributing to 80% of expenditure and where procurement inefficacies lie.

We conduct an analysis of your organisation’s procurement patterns, as recorded over your financial year or over a preferred time period. Our supply chain analysis also helps you understand how your preferential scorecard is comprised and how to leverage on it.

Supply Chain  Analysis in a nutshell:

  • Analysis of ad-hoc purchasing and regulated procurement spend
  • Classifying suppliers according to type of spend, industry and organisational structure
  • Development of a vendor taxonomy for integration into your organisational systems, where required.
  • Generating report on procurement efficiencies
  • Generating departmental/category specific B-BBEE procurement reports
  • Analysing procurement trends with a year-on-year comparison

Benefits to you:

  • Effective database management and/or consolidation
  • Enhanced procurement efficiencies
  • Curbing maverick spending
  • Vendor consolidation for a streamlined registry
  • Vendor grading
  • Strategic supplier sourcing for enhanced B-BBEE recognition
  • High impact management reporting