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BEE Trust Administration & Compliance

Our BEE trust services relieve trustees of the administrative burden associated with either BEE trust’s affairs. Our friendly, approachable team has extensive experience in trust administration, tax and accounting, ensuring that the Trust’s affairs are handled efficiently and effectively.  Knowing that our experienced professionals are on your side provides additional peace-of-mind. 

Code 100 of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice sets out certain minimum qualifying criteria for each type of trust. In order to obtain all of the points on the ownership scorecard for ownership through a broad-based ownership scheme, it must also be shown that the scheme has an operational track record or demonstrable evidence of full operational capacity to operate as a broad-based ownership scheme.

Governance & Secretarial Duties

  • To act as an Independent Trustee (& Chairperson if appropriate) in the interests of the BEE beneficiaries
  • Responsible for follow trust terms and ensure that the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) are not being violated
  • Organise & prepare Trustee quarterly meetings
  • Open Trust Bank account
  • Prepare and facilitate payment of taxes
  • Duty to keep records of trust

Distribution & Accounting Duties

  • NPI will prepare Monthly accounting services and preparation of annual financial statements
  • Prepare and have beneficiaries sign releases prior to distributing funds.
  • Register assets in beneficiary’s name, if applicable.
  • File a Trust Return to SARS, if appropriate.

Beneficiary Engagement

  • Identify potential BEE beneficiaries
  • Communicate with beneficiaries

External Relations

  • Maintain close relationships with key members of the Government and with key influences;
  • When appropriate, represent the interests of the Trust at external meetings and events;
  • Facilitate change and address any potential conflict with beneficiaries, external stakeholders.
  • Engaging with the BEE Commissioner