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B-BBEE Strategy & Transformation

Strategic Transformation Planning and Implementation

Our B-BBEE strategic interventions align measurable outcomes, competitive advantages and socio-economic objectives in a manner that is both value-adding to the client’s business and integrated into its overall strategic plan. 

New business opportunities are sometimes hidden in data sources that extend beyond the client’s data warehouse. NPI Governance Consulting mines these opportunities by exploring both structured and unstructured data within and beyond the enterprise.  Our preferred approach is to facilitate a forward-thinking view (3 to 5 years) of the Organization’s transformation expectations; as reflected in their B-BBEE scorecard and work back to current state culminating in an annual action plan.

Our full B-BBEE Strategy & Transformation offering in a nutshell:

  • 1-hour BEE Consultation
  • BEE Training Workshop
  • BEE Scorecard Assessment
  • BEE Strategy & Gap Analysis
  • BEE Forecasting
  • BEE Policy Development
  • BEE Verification File Preparation and Review
  • BEE Verification Management


Verification Scorecard Management

Working very closely with our clients and verification agencies, NPI Governance Consulting has earned an excellent track record of ensuring that the verification process runs smoothly. We secure the highest possible B-BBEE Contributor status.

We prepare the organization for Verification.

This includes:

  • Identifying the team within the organization that is responsible for successfully obtaining a Verification Status.
  • Educating the team on the requirements across all deemed measures for verification.
  • Advising on the optimum approach for the organization across all measures and the expected level of B-BBEE attainment.
  • We facilitate an internal process of data collection within the organizations, leading to the preparation of a verification file for submission to the Verification Agency.
  •  Ensuring that transparent and professional data on B-BBEE compliance is presented to the verification agency.

Sound execution and strategy are inseparable for success. We implement solutions that achieve both.

Support for Multinational Clients

Whilst adhering to international social responsibility obligations, B-BBEE presents its own unique challenges. For this reason, multinational groups operating in South Africa for the first time, often experience some difficulty in adjusting their businesses to the required B-BBEE compliance status.

Having worked with multinationals since 1999, NPI Governance Consulting has a solid understanding of the challenges they are faced with. Our role includes B-BBEE compliance education as well as aligning good corporate governance and business objectives with the government’s requirements.

Management of B-BBEE Scorecard Elements

Management Control

This concerns the extent of management control exercised by black people within an organization. We ensure that our clients are aligned to this crucial element. Based on assessment outcomes and a thorough needs analysis, we research, recruit and select qualified, experienced multi-industry candidates. Full service compliance deliverables include the following:

·        Employment equity consulting and reporting

·        Employment equity plan development

·        EE committee establishment

·        EE training

·        Legal and regulatory compliance

·        Recruitment consulting policies and procedures

·        Sourcing and head-hunting board participation candidates

Enterprise Development

This element measures the extent to which enterprises carry out enterprise development initiatives intended to assist and accelerate the growth and sustainability of black enterprises. 1 % of Net Profit After Tax is committed to Economic Development spend.

We assist with:

·        ED advisory

·        SMME beneficiary identification

·        SMME project planning and development

·        SMME Accelerator Program

·        ED Fund management



Supplier Development

This element measures the extent to which entities buy good services from Empowering suppliers, with strong B-BBEE recognition levels. 2% of Net Profit After Tax is committed to Supplier Development spend.


·        Data collection of suppliers’ B-BBEE certificates and analysis

·        Documentation inspection in line with verification guidelines

·        Identification, vetting and implementation of outsourced suppliers

·        Procurement advisory

·        SMME beneficiary identification

·        SMME project planning and development

·        Supplier development management

·        SD Fund management

·        SME support

Socio-Economic Development

This element measures the extent to which entities carry out initiatives that contribute towards Socio Economic or Sector Specific initiatives that promote access to the economy for Black people.

1 % of Net Profit After Tax is committed to SED spend.

We assist with:

  • SED advisory
  • SED beneficiary identification
  • SED project planning and development
  • SED Fund management