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Executive Management Diploma (EMD)

To identify & deal with risk timeously in a VUCA world, The “OODA loop” – Strategy for the VUCA business world and Agile Risk Management. Apply strategic and critical approaches to the development and implementation of a business plan in order to provide an effective business advising service. 

Gather and evaluate financial information of the business and communicate these findings to those who need to make decisions. Manage, employ and effectively control a diversity of business operational and administrative functions, projects and resources to build and maintain the feasibility of the business. 

Describe the legal and regulatory environment and analyse the impact of changes in relevant requirements, constraints, and competitive practices. Anticipate and meet the client’s changing needs by being client and market focused. Use strategic and critical approaches to decision-making and problem-solving in order to deliver services and provide value in the business sector in which the business operates

Implement and understand the impact HIV/AIDS/ COVID and professional ethics and values have of the overall success of the business.