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Zaheera Khota

Zaheera Khota

Senior strategy specialist


+27 (0) 11 259 4018

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As the Senior strategy specialist at NPI, Zaheera manages strategic advisory for multi-nationals on Enterprise and Supplier development, providing solutions best suited to their business ecosystem and value chain.

The scope of this advisory includes but is not limited to: value chain analysis and an assessment of the best available options for Enterprise Development Programmes in lieu of their current B-BBEE scorecards targets; a long-term view in consideration of more holistic ROI metrics relevant to the client’s business development objectives.

This also includes feasibility reports on Equity Equivalents Programmes, B-BBEE value propositions for small businesses, facilitating assessments of Enterprise Development Incubators, and recommendations in the Independent Power Producer Programme. These services fall under the scope of the newly formed Business Equity Value Services Department at NPI, envisaged as providing value added business advisory to clients beyond the scope of B-BBEE compliance and advisory that makes sense to our client’s bottom line. To date, clients include multinationals in the pharmaceutical and beverage industries as well as Aviation.

Key responsibilities and skills

  • Project performance reporting,
  • Project cash flow analysis and strategic guidance on economic development
  • Conducting value add supply chain analysis,
  • Modelling of project based installation and logistics tracking tools as well as developing a preferential procurement tool, using Microsoft Excel
  • Conducting research and market analysis for the African continent


  • BSc Urban Planning (Hons.) from Wits University