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Jimmy Furstenburg

Jimmy Furstenburg

Chief Strategy Officer


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As Chief Strategy Officer at NPI Governance Consulting, Jimmy will be responsible for driving NPI’s long-term strategy to transform from a typical BEE Consulting firm to a value creating Managing Consulting Company that is customer centric, as well as leading rapid decision-making and company-wide execution of the strategy.

Jimmy Furstenburg started his working career in 1984 at the Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company South Africa as a labor relations officer after completing a Social Sciences degree at the University of Port Elizabeth. Over a fourteen year career at Firestone he held numerous directorships. As Manufacturing Director Jimmy was responsible for designing and implementing a turnaround strategy at the Firestone plant in Port Elizabeth at the time the third-biggest employer in the region .As a result of the successful turnaround strategy, the plant is still operative today.

In 1998, Jimmy established JWF Business Enterprises a management consultancy specializing in interim leadership and corporate turnarounds. He successfully implemented turnaround strategies at several companies, most notably AECI Explosives. During his work there he filled an interim leadership role, taking direct responsibility for daily operations, as well as designing and implementing turnaround strategies resulting in long-term improvements in operating performance.

As an interim managing director of Cullinan Industrial Porcelain in 2005, Jimmy established a renewable-energy division in the company. The research conducted during this time, and his growing interest in the renewable-energy sector subsequently led to the establishment of Clean Energy Projects (CEP), an independent power producer (IPP) in the renewable energy sector. In 2014 he established Virtual Energy and Power (VEP) together with a partner focusing primarily on direct to market renewable energy projects.

As an interim leader, corporate turnaround specialist and entrepreneur Jimmy has consistently sought answers to what it is in a company that determines the level of engagement of employees, why would some have a higher level of engagement than others and what can we do about it?

It is in the search for these answers that he met his colleague Jerry Schuitema some 20 years ago and it is in his work that he believes we can find some significant insights and solutions. Jimmy has collaborated with Jerry as the primary author on two books – Empathy – The Real Power Within and Common Purpose; Common Fate – Making Business Sense of Empathy where they offer insights into this complex issue.

Jimmy’s work with Jerry offers a milestone in finding a better way for the three estates namely capital, labour and the state to work together to create wealth and share that wealth legitimately with those who contributed to creating it. The approach provides a workable structure for an organizational intervention and can be tackled from a variety of angles from training to communication to intense strategic redirection and operational transformation. Jimmy’s career over time has taken on a number of interesting turns but his best contribution has always been in a leadership position effecting sustainable organization turnarounds under very difficult situations.

Key Responsibilities and Skills

  • Leadership
  • Organization Change
  • Organization Strategy
  • Operational/ Productivity Improvement
  • Training
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Business Development
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Author

Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • Social Sciences Degree– Nelson Mandela University
  • Trained Business Coach
  • Member of the Institute for Independent Business International
  • Certified courses in:
    • Statistics
    • Management Accounting
    • Financial Management
    • Negotiating Skills
    • Economics


Contributory Author of two books:

  1. Common Purpose; Common Fate – Making Business Sense of Empathy
  2. Empathy – The Power Within